What do our interior designers do?

We bring function and upgrades to households across the country. We provide cost effective consultancy and advice for your interior needs. In Copenhagen our expertise lie in working with residential areas to bring flare to the home.

Advice from our Frederiksberg team on interior design

Our consultancy service provides a goal for your interior outcome.

We would need to determine what needs adding, removing or replacing. Allocating space for your room is a high priority. Next comes an initial sketch of the plan we'll later carry out. We will then determine the materials needed as well as the furniture you may require. Depending on your budget, lighting, wall finishing and flooring will be taken in to consideration.

Based on your requirements, you will get the best deal within your budget for our interior services. Visit our advice page for more details.
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Interior service on design concepts

Our design concept service will focus on the initial theme for your bedroom.

We'll start by finding out what best suits your overall taste. Color, form and spacing is what we consider a solid approach to the starting concept.

Picking out something you're going to look at on a daily basis can be pretty tricky. So we have 3D aided software to help you choose a your suited concept plus, this speeds up the process much faster. Visualisation is important to us when it comes to forming a conceptual idea. See more about our design concepts here.

Danish upholstery service

Your furniture can be in OK condition but you may notice some rips, tears, dents that stick out. This is where our services come in.

We provide an upholstery service for padding, springs, webbing and fabric or leather covers. We cover wide width fabrics that is higher than the standard measurements. As a service we can provide wider cuts than 200cm. You can expect natural fabrics such as 100% cotton, Chenille which is similar velvet, wool, silk, linen or leather.

Jacquard fabric is also good for upholstery which is something we provide. This particular fabric is durable as it's a combination of linen, silk and cotton.

Our aim is to have your bedroom furniture looking brand new. Take a look at our upholstery page
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Interior flooring specialist

Adding new flooring increases home value, so if you are interested in revamping your room, we advise starting with the floor.

We need to determine the right floor for your bedroom. Realistically this is based on your own preference. You can go with laminate flooring as it's a long lasting, 25 year commitment choice for your room.

Depending on what you select, we provide the materials and charge by per square metre. Once everything is selected, at planner and builder will meet up with you at your home to give you the total quote.

When it comes time to finish up the job, you will be asked for a floor finishing service. Depending on your choice, the different types of floor finishes are tiles, wood, carpet, parquet, gravel, natural stone and more. You can view more about our flooring here.
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