Interior service on design concepts

Copenhagen's design concepts

Our service on design concepts will focus on the initial theme for your bedroom.

Live with advice we'll start by finding out what best suits your overall taste. Color, form and spacing is what we consider a solid approach to the starting concept.

Picking out something you're going to look at on a daily basis can be pretty tricky. So we have 3D aided software to help you choose a your suited concept plus, this speeds up the process much faster. Visualisation is important to us when it comes to forming a conceptual idea.
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How do I choose a color scheme for my house?

There are many ways you can choose a colour for your rooms. Thinking practical is key for selecting colour. For example, if you look at the colour scheme of the joining room, you can get a better idea of how you want to tackle this problem. 

You can even take inspiration for other parts of your home for your selected room palette. There is always of the choice of using a colour wheel or the designers pre-made, hand picked palette sets. This brings us to the next step, the 60 30 10 rule.
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What is the 60 30 10 rule?

This is a 3 point colour rule for interior designers that assists in picking out the right palette theme for your room and furniture. 60% of your room is the primary colour, 30% is the secondary choice and finally 10% is an accenting colour. 

Larger piece at 60% are items in your room that should be colour selected or painted with this rule are; walls, rugs, sofa and large foundation pieces. Smaller pieces come under the 30% rule, this includes curtains, side chairs and painted furniture. Even smaller we have 10% with pillows, patterned fabric, accessories and artwork

3D interior rendering

You may wonder, what is rendering in interior design? It's an artistic and digital concept of what your potentially new designed room will look like. This is where our talented Copenhagen staff come in. Not only are some interior design experts can provide advice but they also dabble in the art of 3D conceptual designs.

This can be a pricier option in comparison to the classic pencil and paper. However, the results are much more refined when choosing this option. Typically we work with clients in the Copenhagen area but we can also provide remote concepts with the required information provided. Use our contact page to find out more.
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