Interior flooring specialist

Hire our interior flooring specialists

Adding new flooring increases home value, so if you are interested in revamping your room, we advise starting with the floor.

We need to determine the right floor for your bedroom. Realistically this is based on your own preference. You can go with laminate flooring as it's a long lasting, 25 year commitment choice for your room.

Depending on what you select, we provide the materials and charge by per square metre. Once everything is selected, at planner and builder will meet up with you at your home to give you the total quote.

When it comes time to finish up the job, you will be asked for a floor finishing service. Depending on your choice, the different types of floor finishes are tiles, wood, carpet, parquet, gravel, natural stone and more.
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What type of flooring is best for bedrooms?

Maybe you are wondering is it better to have carpet or hardwood floors in bedrooms? We are here to find out what is the best solution for your flooring. There are many types of flooring and many reasons why you want a certain type. For those who are on a budget, we recommend carpet flooring as it's cheaper and warmer on the feet. To add more value to your property you can go with laminate flooring, this naturally is a pricier option.

As for our array of flooring options available, we have carpets, laminate, wood, ceramic, stone and cork. Pricing can also vary depending on the size of your room. Let's say you want to select wood flooring, base price is 447 DKK per square metre.
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Interior floor repairs

We have installation services and we also have floor repairs. What we fix is the list above for you. You can get a qoute for installations, replacment, refinishing and repairs. Our Frederiksberg contractors handle water damage, gashes, burns, deep stains, scratches, rips and tears.

If you have a problem that is not on our list, you can contact us with an enquiry by using our form. Please provide detailed descriptions of the material, the damage and any photo evidence you can email over. When a contractor is available, they will be in touch with you as soon as possible.
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