Hygge life your home in classic 9 ways

January 3, 2020

We all can do with a bit more ease in our daily lives. The hygge life may be just the very thing you need if you're are after a more calming change. Although hygge is not something that can be bought, you can still enjoy a peaceful setting after a long hard day of work. We'll discuss this Danish concept and apply it to our Scandinavian interior design.

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Hygge definition

For those who do not know, you are probably wondering "what is hygge?". Hygge is a loose translation from the Danish language that corresponds with being comfortable or being cozy. Hygge ( pronounced hue-guh ) is often used a state of being cosy or something special. Hygge can be experienced anywhere at anytime with anyone. This term can also translate into being secure, safe or content with your surroundings or happenings. The term stemmed from the danish combating dark times during the day, boredom and repetitive daily tasks. Essentially a good feeling to relieve the people of hard times.

Now how does interior design come in? Truth is, you may already be living the hygge life in some way but if you are looking for a change of scenery, what better place to start than your own home. We'll cover what you can do to have a more hygge styled home with decor and interior design.

How do you make a hygge home?

Lets answer that questions with another, how do you make an inviting house? Well, that's the hygge style in a nutshell. This concept consists of making your home easier on the eyes and more enjoyable to be in. Hygge is not something that happens over night, like with good things it requires time and effort. Just enough effort that it won't cut into too much of your daily life but rather slowly becomes a part of it. We'll cover several methods to get you on the hygge trend in no time.

Candles and lighting

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Candles go back as far as 500 BC by the Romans who decided to start using dripped candles from tallow. For centuries they've been lighting the way for man and now they can bring hygge feeling into your home. The flickering, bouncing light creates a natural, warm amber tone to your surroundings. When it comes to the hygge life, the natural approach is usually the go to for lighting. If you want to go the extra mile, scented candles are always an option.

Floor lamps

Floor lamps and another interesting option because these are multi tasked furniture you can place just about anywhere in your house. Need ambient lighting? Not a problem, Need to showcase some artwork? It has you covered. Or do you need to get some work done? This would be the choice for a more flexible option. Lighting specific parts of your darkened can be easily achieved with this method.

For those who are unsure of what Lamp designs will suit your needs, be sure to see our advice services.

Fire place

If you want natural lighting, the fire place is as old as it gets. The fire place is a classic example of lighting for your home. Not only does it provide natural light, you get heat bundled along with it. Most homes already provide this option so if you are amongst though you have, hygge life will come natural. You can even layer up on the the previous light sources to create a phenomenal lighting experience.

Layering up

If done correctly layering up your furniture can bring out the warm Scandinavian style. From your couch to the bedroom, just about all of your furniture can be layered up. Every one loves a cosy set up so we'll cover a few ways you can achieve this.

Extra cushions

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Everyone loves an extra cushion or two. The danish style encourages doubling up on your sofa's pillow collection. Extra cushioning can be included in the design, especially as an accenting colour. Stripes, waves, and patterns can give your furniture some extra flair.


Rugs are by default one of the greatest ways to layer up on your flooring. Just about every room can have a nice rug placed within in the centre. They're many styles you can choose from and many ways you can blend it into your rooms overall design. Very similar to cushions in the since of the rug's design. This can be an accenting, secondary or even primary color piece in your room. Experimenting with rugs can be fun.

If you do have wood flooring and want to decorate it but realised that it's damaged, we offer a flooring service for your needs.

Chair covers

Chair covers are an interesting option. Primarily this option works well with sofas. There are many styles and materials you can choose from. Like with the previous options this can be an extra complementary piece to the rest of your set.

Indoor nature

What would Scandinavian decor be with out a greenery in your rooms? This is a classic style to that adds natural energy to your design. The botanical option has been around for many years with the use of illustrations for scientists and researchers to capture the natural beauty of a plant. As they're from the earth, this option goes hand in hand with wood finishing. This can been seen in our own work. So let's cover some ways we can bring the hygge life in the form of nature into out home.

Brings plants from outside

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Probably an easy option on paper, this one may require some research as you would want to know what you're bringing into your home. Everyone will live somewhere differently so the choice can potentially be endless. If you happen to know your local plant life and it's properties, try to bring some of them home with you. Pots work well as a classic design. Drape some ivy over a book shelf for the natural look. Whichever you choose, it's recommended to do some research before hand. Hygge is both natural but timely as well.

Framed plants

Have an old flower or some greenery that's about to pass? The frame option can be very useful for extending it's life span. Although the plant may be up in age, you still can sustain it's beauty for years to come.

Grow your own

This can be a much lengthier process adjacent to bringing in random plants from outside. If you're happy to see things grow, this is without a doubt very hygge life. You get to choose the plant you might want to have for the old wooden table or the flowers you want by your bedside.

Final thoughts

Despite what's been blown out of proportion over the years about the lifestyle, you may already have a strong sense of hygge in your life. This doesn't mean you should go buy everything with the phrase attached to it. We chose the above options as we all have a common interest in designing, this is just a very small list of what you can do and possibly add to your home to understanding the hygge life.

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