Danish Upholstery Service

Upholsterers in Copenhagen

Your furniture can be in ok condition but you may notice some rips, tears, dents that stick out. This is where our services come in.

We provide an upholstery service for padding, springs, webbing and fabric or leather covers. We cover wide width fabrics that is higher than the standard measurements. As a service we can provide wider cuts than 200cm. You can expect natural fabrics such as 100% cotton, Chenille which is similar velvet, wool, silk, linen or leather.

Jacquard fabric is also good for upholstery which is something we provide. This particular fabric is durable as it's a combination of linen, silk and cotton.

Our aim is to have your bedroom furniture looking brand new.

How much does furniture repair cost?

You might be wondering is it worth it to reupholster your furniture? Of course! Not only do we design interiors for a living but we also have a few available handy men to do repairs. As you can imagine, cost can vary depending on how damaged your furniture is. 

Upholstery repairs start from as little as 447 DKK and can rise to 2700 DKK. You will have to take in to consideration the size, the fabrics and the amount of damage it's sustained.
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Upholstery courses in Denmark

Altough this is a relatively new service we offer, our handy men suggested we start housing upholstery courses at our local office in Copenhagen. We are only accepting a small handful of trainees at this time. You will learn about stapling, sewing, cutting, srpings, fabrics and materials.

You will be provided with the basic tools needed to complete this course. If you happen to be selected to train, the course lasts for 1 week and required fee of 1,347 DKK. The one week includes a Saturday morning with the optional Sunday for extra learning. At the end of the course and upon completion, you will be awarded a certificate of upholstery experience. Depending on the trainee, there may be room to take your learning to the next level.

If you would like to check our availibility or if you have any general questions, please use our form.
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