Advice from our Frederiksberg team on interior design

Get top quality advice from our team based in Frederiksberg 

Our consultancy service provides a goal for your interior outcome.

We would need to determine what needs adding, removing or replacing. Allocating space for your room is a high priority. Next comes an initial sketch of the plan we'll later carry out. We will then determine the materials needed as well as the furniture you may require. Depending on your budget, lighting, wall finishing and flooring will be taken in to consideration.

Based on your requirements, you will get the best deal within your budget for our interior services.
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What will we cover

In our discussion we'll go over what you require through the means of the 7 elements of interior design. These elements cover what makes a good interior design. We will use this as a guideline to produce the best possible outcome for your home.

The 7 elements consist of; space - this is your room itself, light - working with your natural and artificial lighting, lines - these provide the framework to how everything will be lay out, form - the shape of everything included in your room, colour - selecting a palette that suits both yourself and your room, texture - the primary texture and materials suited and lastly the furniture - this will finally bring everything together, these will all be put in a specific focal point.
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Working within your budget

We know it's important to save on money as much as possible, that's why our Copenhagen staff works hard to stay within your current budget. Our typical interior design fee can vary based on the size of your room and the materials needed.

If you want to take the next step in decorating your empty space or if you have any questions, you can get in touch with us directly on our contact page
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