Erik De Laurens

About Erik

Implementing alternative materials to the interior design world.

Erik is a French materials and process specialist based in Paris, France. An expert Product designer who graduated from the Royal College of Art in London 2011. A cross breeder of technologies, transferable knowledge and man of innovative ideas.

Also an inventor of plastic materials made exclusively from fish-scale. A visionary looking for industrial potential for social changes is also of interest.
erik de laurens, interior design, product design
The very same Erik De Laurens who made the popular fish-scale goggles and cups.
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The Fish Feast

A further look into the Show RCA project, Erik's work of the sea was born from designing objects for a Cape Town primary school's canteen.

With the sea being a strong source of inspiration of the project, he developed these interesing and unusual pieces from fish scales.

Erik turned this into a monthly evetn where he would take is pupils out on a day to go fishing. Whatever was caught was brought back to the class then later prepped for the works of the Fish Feast.


A water dispenser would be made using fish leather. Tumblers used on the scales and a cloth for the materials. The scales are 100% pure fish scales without any additional materials or compounds.

The scales also go through a series of drying, heat and applied pressure.

After he perfected is newly ofund technique, we went to London and started developing swimming accessories such a fish scaled goggles. Unlike plastics, these goggles are 100% bio degradable with natural resistants.
fishscales, cup, project, product, design, erik
fishscales, goggles, natural, product, design, fish, scales, erikdelaurens
Here are the fish scaled covered goggles. These appears to be a protoype but maybe the future will bring us a neat production version.

A scaley pair of sights can be seen here keeping up with the theme of colourful, fish scaled eye wear.

fish, scale, glasses, product, design, natural, erikdelaurens
fish, scales, design, product, erikdelaurens
Yet, another pair can be seen here. Stunning textures, design and colouring from the natural creatures from the sea.

What's Next?

So far we saw the works that this product designer can produce, a variety of useful objects for the every day home.

Erik is looking to get financial backing so he can further produce his fish scale invention through industrial means.

cups, design, product, fish, scales, erikdelaurens
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