4 modern bedroom ideas for home

December 20, 2019

The bedroom is one of the rooms we spend most of our time in. We see it on a daily basis so having it look appealing to the eye can be important. As people, we easily get bored of the same thing so having a modern bedroom can really freshen up our daily routine. Although aesthetic is important, a modern designed bedroom also has to have some function.

When people think "modern" the image of cold, sharp, ultra even finishes and drained colors come to mind where aesthetics are in favour for comfort. However, this is not always the case as ideas are more limitless than ever. Below we'll cover various ways and styles you can modernise your bedroom.

Low profile furniture

Low profile furniture is often associated with bachelor style living and boho chic. There is no proper set of rules mentioning that this style cannot be applied to others. When it comes to modern bedroom ideas, low profile bedroom goods are gaining more popularity Personally, I've always found this style to be appealing and use it throughout my household whenever I can.

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Just about any existing type of furniture comes in low profile. This includes dressers, tables, wardrobes, chairs and of course, beds. When going low profile in a room that's already large, aim for low and wide goods, this has a natural "added weight" to comfort. For smaller bedrooms, you should avoid bulkier pieces, you want as much walk space as possible.

For your family, kids love to play on the floor so having smaller bits of low profile furniture for them can be a cheap alternative to buying bulkier goods. For your self, let's say you have a lot of extra space in your bedroom that isn't in the walk way. You can create a little "nook" to get further low profile. This can include an assortment of large pillows and cushions to give your room a more personalized sense of relaxation.

You'll often notice when you have a number of low profile gear, it naturally tends to make your room appear to be much larger. Furniture lower to the ground creates the strong feeling of spatial vastness above your head. So if you're looking for that vertical space, I would recommend to take the low profile option for your bedroom, this will bring you more "down to earth".

Open wardrobe style for the modern bedroom

Another approach to modernizing your bedroom is to have your attire on display. Ever go to a clothes shop where they have a minimal display for a few shirts? Instead of sticking everything into a wardrobe, try to show off your best pieces in a simple rail and hanger style display.

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Same can go for shoes. You'll notice in many homes that shoes can be scattered everywhere on the floor. To counter this and to save space, a good investment would be to grab yourself a shoe rack. Most bedrooms might have an awkward 25 inch gap with available vertical space. With this not only will you be able to save a lot of floor space but you'll be filling up some empty ones as well.

Go botanical

Botanical designs began over 300 years ago by gardeners, physicians and scientists to illustrate and document newly discovered plant life. Due to the prior invention of photography, these jobs required skilled illustrators to capture the beauty and fine detail of the flora.

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Today, this isn't the case so much for documentation. However, people are still producing high quality illustrations and bringing plant life into minimalist photography and their homes. A spike increase of this style re-ignited in 2017 when Pantone name greenery as colour of the year.

There are a number of ways your modern bedroom can become botanical just by adding a plant piece on a mantle or pattern designs on your bed.

My favourite mix is to have large green plants where space is available around the bedding area with neatly placed illustrations on the wall. You can possibly try floral pattern bedding with smaller plants spaced out in your bedroom. Botanical wallpaper is even something to consider when styling your room. As you can see, they're are limitless combinations and colours you can experiment with when going botanical.

You can even check out some of our work that contains this theme.

The multi purpose bedroom

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This option for redesigning your bedroom can be very useful if done correctly. In the modern day, it's good to make use of the extra space that we have, even if it's vertical space.

The furniture / storage combo is a great way to store any unused goods that may be useful down the line. A lot of modern beds come with storage in the base frame such as pullout drawers. Some you can even raise the top of the bed to reveal a massive space where your entire frame would normally be.

You might have a spare bedroom that includes a small bed with some surrounding items. A couple of ideas spring to mind when spare rooms are involved. If you have a number of guests with limited furniture, try investing in vertical construction for a second directly above the first.

Where to go from here?

At this point you are probably wondering, how can I make my bedroom look more modern? Well, if have any questions or if you're looking to potentially hire, feel free to check out or services. I'm sure you will find the perfect solution to your modern bedroom

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